Everything you need to know about Flat Earth

What is Flat Earth? It sounds stupid, its not true, are you crazy? would be your first answer to any: Family, Friend, Boss or a stranger. Is there more to this Flat Earth than the first initial thought only you can decide.

The Words from the bible:

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Flat Earth in 5 Minutes

Flat Earth has now gone global is this the truth? Have we been lied to for Decades or is this just another stupid conspiracy theory?

David Murphy giving a full explanation on Flat Earth.

Still Curious ?

In December 1946-47, Admiral Richard Byrd visited Antarctica on “Operation High Jump”. On his return, he performed a few radio and TV show interviews. In his own words said that there was a secret land mass the size of America beyond the South Pole.

The first part of the video shows a 1000+ Year old Buddhist map which was allegedly hidden in a Japanese temple.


NASA and the Flat Earth.

“From NASA and the shape of the earth, to 9/11 and the fake Apollo landings on the moon, this video covers it all. A edited collection of movie segments and interviews designed to bring the viewer into a deeper understanding of the world they live in. This is the perfect video for anyone new to discovering this topic, so please feel free to share with family and loved ones… it’s time to wake the world up!” Words from Scrawny2Brawny the video creator.

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