Donald Trump Helping Raise Money For Wounded Veterans.

`Donald Trump Helping Raise Money For Wounded Veterans. Donald Trump showing to the world he is a business minded success and generates $600,000 for the wounded veterans who served for the country. Top 10 things Donald Trump has allegedly said he aim to achieve once he is the president of America: 10. Repeal Obamacare Widely […]

Salmon History and Nutrition – Superfoods

    How to cook salmon? See bottom of page. 3 Benefits of Omega-3 which is in Salmon: Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA ( docosahexaeonic acid), which occur mostly in fatty fish like salmon, are thought to strengthen the immune system. Increased omega-3 consumption may ease the symptoms of such inflammatory conditions as rheumatoid arthritis, […]

Sweet Potatoes: History and Health Benefits

What’s New and Beneficial about Sweet Potatoes Orange-fleshed sweet potatoes may be one of nature’s unsurpassed sources of beta-carotene. Several recent studies have shown the superior ability of sweet potatoes to raise our blood levels of vitamin A. This benefit may be particularly true for children. In several studies from Africa, sweet potatoes were found […]

Drinking a gallon of water everyday post video

Ever wondered what drinking a gallon of water a day would do to you? What would be the benefits?here is a video from a vlogger who will walk you through his experience over the last year

GCMAF cure for cancer shut down!

Here you can see one more proof of the importance of knowledge of how the system really works and the understanding of your body and the nutrition. We need to cut this nazi system off and start to live our lives as independent as possible so we can live healthy and happy lives. The nature […]